Church Life



Church Prayer Meetings

We meet regularly as a Church Family, to seek out God's guidance together, to listen for and try to discern His plans for us as a Church, for Bideford and for the wider community.

We meet at 7.00pm on the second Thursday and 4th Wednesday of each month, and God has been sharing some amazing things with us as we re-commit our lives to Him as a Church Fellowship and earnestly seek His face.



We celebrate Communion together as part of the Sunday Service, on the first and third Sunday of each month.

As we share bread and wine, we remember the sacrifice that Jesus made when He died for our sins on the cross, and thank God for all He's done.

Jesus called Himself “the bread of life”, which means that we're nourished by Him, we survive because of Him, and He satisfies us when everything else leaves us empty.

Communion celebrates the Gospel: Jesus was broken for us so that we can be fixed by Him.


Fellowship Lunches

We get together about four times a year to enjoy a shared 'Fellowship Lunch' together, immediately after the Sunday Morning Service, to celebrate various events in the Church Calendar, such as our Church Anniversary, Harvest Thanksgiving, Advent, etc.

These take various forms (Sunday Roast, Hot & Cold Buffet, Bring & Share, etc.), but are always delicious, and a great time of fun and fellowship.

We are indebted to our fantastic 'Catering Team' who put in many hours of preparation.  A small donation is usually requested, and all profits are then donated to BMS, Home Mission Fund, or Christian Aid.


BMS Birthday Scheme

We like to take every possible opportunity to celebrate (+ eat cake!) together, so we encourage everyone to sign up to the Birthday Scheme.

Every gift given to the Birthday Scheme supports life-transforming health work.  Each year, Birthday Scheme members donate over £300,000, which has a huge impact, saving and improving lives in countries across the world.

And the Bideford Baptist Church Family gets to celebrate with you by singing 'Happy Birthday' and sharing some delicious Birthday Cake as we chat over tea & coffee after the Morning Service!


Fellowship over Tea & Coffee

Each week, following the Service, we get together to chat whilst enjoying a nice cuppa, and possibly some cake or biscuits (if we're lucky!).

This is a wonderful opportunity to catch up with everyone's news, introduce ourselves to those who are new to the Church, and to share with each other the week's joys, hurts, successes, disappointments or special events.



Our wonderful 'Flower Lady' kindly coordinates the Flower Rota for us, and beautifies the Church each week with colourful artistic displays of seasonal blooms, bringing the joy of God's creation inside for us all to enjoy.

Particularly splendid are the displays which are specially created for our annual Harvest Thanksgiving Service, incorporating produce and groceries donated by members of the Church Family, along with a spectacular Wheatsheaf Loaf centrepiece!


Special Events / Supporting Local Needs

All of the produce and groceries on display during the Harvest Festival, along with the huge pile of presents which find their way underneath the Christmas Tree each year, in the lead-up to our very special annual 'Carols by Candlelight' Gift Service, are donated to our local Women's Refuge, as gifts to help make Christmas a little brighter for those families in need.

This year, we also encouraged everyone to donate various 'baby' items into a Child's Crib displayed at the front of the Church, which were given to some new mums in need via the local Midwife Team, to celebrate Mothers Day.

This followed the very successful collection in the run-up to Christmas of donated items which were placed into backpacks as 'Care Packages' for those in greatest need, and particularly those who would be homeless during the Christmas period.