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Psalm 68:28

Summon your power, God; show us your strength, our God, as you have done before.

I don’t know about you but as I was growing up often people, boys in particular were keen to see who was the strongest, fastest, biggest etc. “Can you lift that stone?” “How big are your muscles,” particularly your biceps. Or even my Dad’s bigger, stronger, better than your Dad.” However wonderful or not our Dads were or are none of them compares to our Father God.

Again, this is a Psalm of David and you can hear him calling out this verse, knowing from past experience how big and powerful God is.

The Psalm is considered to be one of the processional Psalms as the people made there way to worship. The first part of the Psalm makes reference to the triumphal march from Mt Sinai in the time of Moses to Mount Zion in the time of David. Mt Sinai was the time the law was given and the birth of the Kingdom of God among His people. As the ark was in Jerusalem it was symbol of God’s presence, the establishment of God’s redemptive Kingdom on earth with Jerusalem as its royal city. David knew what God had done and what He could do and was asking, pleading in this verse that God would once again show His power.

How we need to echo that again today. That God would not only show His power and strength but have mercy not only on this land but the whole world.

Link to the song Show Your power O Lord



Every blessing,

Adrian and Catherine


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