Future Events



"A Quiet Space"

The church will be open  Monday to Saturday  10am  -  12am  each morning from Monday 17th May.

There will be a short prayer and reading at the start and end of each session.  People will be there if you want to talk or would like prayer but it is primarily an opportunity to come into the church and spend time alone in God's presence. 

We look forward to welcoming you.

200th Church Anniversary

This year (May 2021) marks the 200th Anniversary of when the Baptist Church began here in Bideford. Under normal circumstances, we would be having some major celebrations. But with all the current uncertainty, we were not able to celebrate as we had wanted. We did have a special service which is available for you to view on YouTube and there is also a brief history of the church added to this website. We hope to celebrate in style next year.